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Language Proficiency Booths

Oral proficiency testing at BYU occurs in an isolation booth. The booth is a controlled environment designed to minimize external stimuli, providing a quiet and distraction-free space. It's equipped with a telephone that is used to communicate with the tester. It offers an ideal setting for individuals to demonstrate their language skills without the interference of external noise or distractions. Test takers can focus solely on their speech and interaction with the examiner, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the assessment. During a language proficiency test, the examinee enters the isolation booth and a proctor calls the language tester after which the examinee engages in various spoken tasks.

BYU administers over 2,000 proficiency tests annually in over 20 different languages. Most of these tests are part of curriculum and program evaluations, however students that take these tests might be interested or willing to participate in research projects. These tests can serve as a control for other research that is being conducted.

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